BWAABowling Writers Association of America
BWAABaseball Writers Association of America
BWAABaptist World Aid Australia
BWAABritish Wheelchair Athletics Association (UK)
BWAABritish Wheelchair Archery Association
BWAABaldwin Whitehall Athletic Association (Pennsylvania)
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At the team level, one would expect bWAA, fWAA, and eWOPA to correlate at least reasonably strongly with actual team wins over .500.
* As noted above, bWAA for pitching and fielding are constructed to tie to actual runs allowed at the team level, by construction.
Asi, a la hora de votar, los integrantes de la BWAA no solo toman en cuenta la calidad del pelotero en el terreno de juego, sino tambien su integridad como deportista y ciudadano.
Initially, the BWAA established an interagency committee to coordinate international economic policy, under the general direction of the President.
The ( ) BWAA announced the Sugar Ray Robinson "Fighter of the Year" on Tuesday, ( ESPN reported.
Lang has been asked by current BWAA president Kit Stier of the Oakland (Calif.) Tribune, to poll local chapters in an effort to determine what, if anything, the 450-member organization should do about the Rose situation.
Jobs will go at BWaa Jobs will go at O2's sites in Preston Brook, near Warrington, Cheshire, and in Glasgow, Bury and Leeds.
(2) Subsequent legislation modeled on the BWAA authorizes U.S.
The BWAA picked Pacquiao, who got knocked out cold by Marquez in the sixth round on Dec.
Baines never complained about being overwhelmingly snubbed by the BWAA, but he found new life with the Today's Game Era Committee.
The Bretton Woods Agreements Act (BWAA) says that Congress must give its assent before the United States may vote for any amendment to the IMF or World Bank Articles of Agreement.
A year later, the BWAA honored Lardner's tutor and friend, Hugh Fullerton, who covered baseball for decades after he moved to Chicago in 1896.