BWAABowling Writers Association of America
BWAABaseball Writers Association of America
BWAABaptist World Aid Australia
BWAABritish Wheelchair Athletics Association (UK)
BWAABritish Wheelchair Archery Association
BWAABaldwin Whitehall Athletic Association (Pennsylvania)
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Initially, the BWAA established an interagency committee to coordinate international economic policy, under the general direction of the President.
In 1945, Congress required in the BWAA that the Administration submit annual reports via the NAC on the operations and policies of the international financial institutions.
It is a great honor to be voted by the BWAA as fighter of the year," Mayweather told ESPN.
The BWAA didn't fail to notice Haymon's managerial skills in 2013.
Lang has been asked by current BWAA president Kit Stier of the Oakland (Calif.
Muhammad Ali was honored by the BWAA with the Pat Putnam Award for Perseverance.
17 of the BWAA require that budget authority must be appropriated to facilitate future increases in the U.
Johnson is fighter of year: Glen Johnson, who has been chosen Fighter of the Year by the Boxing Writers Association of America, will receive his award Friday at the annual BWAA banquet at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.