BWADBrackish Water Arrival Draft (maritime industry)
BWADBubble Wrap Appreciation Day
BWADBridge Wire Actuated Device (International Space Station)
BWADBritish Weightlifters Association for Disabled (UK)
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Cargo: 2,450 mtons bulk wheat (SWW)(BGD-SO#5000411762/SI#7800000157), Loading: 11-2 SB(S) 1-2 port(s) USA all ranges discharging: 1 anchorage plus 1-2 SB(S) Chittagong (max arrival draft 35~ BWAD as a guide only and all other restrictions to be rechecked with agents
High School Librarian Michelle Luhtala had the idea for BWAD after hearing stories from other schools.
In its first year, BWAD was well received among educators and librarians, Ballard says.