BWAHBikers With A Heart
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One day I said, "Why is your name Big Dan de Lion." "Because," he said, "m'soul a lion, bwah!" "But 'Dan de Lion' - isn't that a flower?" I said.
"I mean, without education." And he said, "Whatchou mean, bwah! Widout no education!" "I mean, you know, without any school." "Bwah," he said, "whatchou sayin, widout no school!" I said, "You know, a classroom, a teacher, and a book."
"There go your book!" Now listen at me, bwah. And listen real good.
In preparation for the great day when the myriad sights and sounds coalesce in his brain, and he can talk, he's forever practising his little vowel and consonant sounds: ig, ub, ttthd, bwah, unk, isssh.
Ab, ed, bwah, aah-boo and lubur-lurbur are his favourite utterances.