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Bwana Bwanadi: But the shetani later agreed to move out of the girl after I met certain of its conditions.
Even in a movie, I don't want to die on a rope bridge with bwana pack on my back.
Hank did not follow the exact steps, wires placed where, plugs strung how, but Maniki detailed the operation in precise language, having performed the task under bwana Mackenzie's supervision numerous times.
Duri immediately pronounced me certifiably crazy, paced around looking back and forth from the meat to my desired location, and then, after calling me psychotic one more time, directed the guys, "Build the blind where the crazy bwana wants it.
wazir), or the principal adviser of the Shehe of the Sangage region by the name of Bwana Amadi.
Bwana Omasudi, 22, of Pershore Road, Stirchley: driving without valid licence or insurance, total fines pounds 450, pay pounds 38 costs.
Strangely, however, she is used nominatively for the feminine form for the feminine pronoun: "I think she like you, Bwana.
Montxo Armendariz y Bwana (1996) de Imanol Uribe en el contexto europeo, en cuyas tierras y pantallas este alarmante problema lleva anos haciendose sentir.
El actor entro en la historia en 1952 con Bwana Devil, el primer filme rodado en la famosa pero efimera Tercera Dimension (3-D) --la innovacion filmica que el espectador solo podia apreciar a traves de anteojos especiales que se repartian a la entrada de las salas de proyeccion-- que se convirtio en un gran exito de audiencia.
First Quantum Minerals began commissioning the second phase of expansion of its Bwana Mkubwa solvent extraction/electrowinning facility in late September.
Although Santana is the favorite, there was also Malo, Azteca, Tierra, El Chicano, War, Mandrill, Dakila, Abraxas, Macondo and Bwana.