BWAPBeauty with a Purpose (est. 1972)
BWAPBalboa Warrior Athlete Program (therapeutic program)
BWAPBurns Wean Assessment Program
BWAPBristol Welfare Assurance Programme (Bristol, UK)
BWAPBusiness with A Purpose (religous ministry)
BWAPBeyond War And Peace (online community)
BWAPBroadband Wireless Access Providers
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It hurt me that I did not qualify for BWAP more than anything else has in the past because I wanted the world to see what war and violence does to real life people;
"Miss World has guidelines and sadly, I had no briefing about them before creating my BWAP, other than the time limit.
My BWAP focuses now on the community in Marawi, but my vision for the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement is GLOBAL;
Twenty-one assessors had written down outcome comments such as, 'Look at positive and negative aspect or cattle behavior as well as the physical aspect', 'Record if cattle are quiet/calm and if any sign of injury or distress seen at time of visit', or 'Describe system of ..., refer to BWAP criteria, access to feed/water, housing/ cleanliness of stock, body condition, mortality.
Furthermore, training to develop the techniques of outcome assessments following the BWAP were provided to SA assessors [13] to enable the assessors to focus more on observing the animals that might also explain the high percentage of outcome comments in the SA inspection reports.
If something happens to you, the BWAP will forward the information to LTFRB for immediate action and coordination with government agencies," Torres added.
Marcelo Robosa, Eacomm chair and BWAP director for education, said that after sending the information, the complainant will get a confirmation text.
Torres said that while BWAP's primary concern is the safety of the more than 800,000 BPO workers nationwide, the service is available to all who regularly travel to work using public utility vehicles (PUVs) regulated by the LTFRB.
There is a need, therefore, for an instrument such as the BWAP to be translated into Chinese.
As the BWAP was developed and validated in the United States, some of the items may not be relevant to the Chinese culture which may in turn affect the test's validity and reliability (Sabonis-Chafee & Hussey, 1998).
The method of content experts was used in the process of selecting culturally relevant items from the original BWAP (Betz & Weiss, 1976; Thom & Deitz, 1989).
The first part of the questionnaire was designed to gather opinions on the degree of relevance of the 63 individual items to their corresponding domains of the BWAP by asking the expert panelists to indicate each of the items as either "relevant", "questionably relevant" or "irrelevant" to Hong Kong.