BWCCBaltimore/Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce
BWCCBorland Windows Custom Control
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As noted above, the BWCC constituted the exception to this trend.
(212) Expectations expressed initially, that the BWCC could strengthen the capacity of the Bosnian legal system overall, (213) are likely to be disappointed.
(228) Perhaps surprisingly given its strength in other areas, the BWCC's Public Information and Outreach Section has been understaffed and has underperformed, especially with regard to outreach in perpetrator communities and engaging media interest.
This appears to have been the case at the BWCC. The ICTY confirmed that the Chamber was fully capable of providing the defendant Radovan Stankovic with a fair trial in the first referral by the Appeals Chamber to Sarajevo, (260) and subsequent trials have been generally endorsed as fair.
It's amazing what can be accomplished with available resources," says Balf Morrison, BWCC's general manager, as he recalls the previous networking system.
BWCC's cabling needs encompassed networking multiple workstations on a single floor of a high-rise office building.
Working with the designers at Global Cabling, we were able to systematically look at each of our applications and install flexible cabling for voice and data," says Henry Levetta, networking manager for BWCC.
that the BWCC is merely one of three Chambers of mixed-international
Therefore, though hybrid in structure, the BWCC might best be
(167) Most notably, the BWCC's [euro]13-14 million annual budget,