BWEABritish Wind Energy Association
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As part of the conference, the BWEA is organising a careers fair to provide guidance to those who may be interested in working in renewable energy.
Alex Murley, BWEA Small System Manager, said: "In the context of the current economic climate, record falls in UK manufacturing output, and challenging times for the UK green agenda, this news represents a glowing success story for a vibrant world leading UK manufacturing industry.
Maria McCaffery Liverpool-born BWEA chief executive, said planned offshore developments will establish the UK as the world leader in renewable energy
BWEA chief executive, Maria McCaffery, said a wind farm takes an average of 14 months to get through local planning - far longer than the recommended 16 weeks.
And the BWEA believes the UK market alone is too small to sustain a homegrown factory in the long term.
BWEA chief executive Maria McCaffery said: "In common with most other English regions, the progress made in the West Midlands is disappointing.
BWEA chief executive, Maria McCaffery said: "In common with most other English regions, the progress made in the North East is disappointing.
Alex Murley, BWEA small systems manager, says: "The rate at which these products can start paying back carbon is very quick in comparison to the majority of other microgeneration technologies.
Relationship of the Controllability of Power Torque Fluctuations in the Drive-Train to the Wind Turbine Configuration" Proceedings of the I993 Wind Energy Conversion, Fifteenth BWEA Wind Energy Conference, October 6, 1993.
BANK ON IT: The windfarm at Burbo Bank and (inset) Maria McCaffery of BWEA sails up the river on the Royal Iris to view it eb060607cw
Brave RCT councillors voting 96% against it, joined Blaenau Gwent, Neath and Port Talbot and other UK councils which turned down 75% (according to a BWEA press release October 20, 2009) of wind farm applications last year.