BWLGBerkeley Women and Language Group (University of California at Berkeley; Berkeley, CA)
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This perspective still influences research and has been continued by organizations such as the International Gender and Language Association (IGALA) and the Berkeley Women and Language Group (BWLG), which were founded in the 1990s (Queen 2013: 370-371).
The pill, on the other hand, would allow couples to control the spacing and number of children born to carry on the right.(20) A statement by the Black Women's Liberation Group (BWLG) claimed that women took the pill "because of poor black men" who refused to "support their families" and would not "stick by their women." The BWLG realized that "a lot of black brothers" were asking women not to practice contraception because it was "a form of Whitey's committing genocide on black people." For women, however, the pill symbolized "the freedom to fight genocide of black women and children.