BWMBBritish Wool Marketing Board
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BWMB chief executive officer Ian Hartley said: "With exports of British Wool to China now accounting for about 30% of auction sales it is important for the Chinese industry to learn more about British Wool.
More detailed information is also available on fleece presentation and on the quality control scheme the BWMB operates across all depots.
The first is that proposed by Baker and Wurgler (2002): BWMB or the "external finance weighted average market-to-book ratio,"
I would also like to thank my predecessor, Malcolm Corbett, for his excellent work over the last six years, including the last three serving as BWMB chairman.
The BWMB will also be giving gear maintenance demonstrations for shearers.
It's a sentiment echoed by BWMB chief executive Ian Hartley, who throughout roughly two decades with the organisation has seen numerous victories secured for British wool producers, despite significant cuts in staff and resources.
Many sheep farmers may see the BWMB as a wool collection service.
26-27: BWMB shearing training (Beginners/Int), Troforth, Abergele.
Mr Corbett said it had been an honour to lead BWMB during a period of relative prosperity in the wool industry and to have helped deliver better wool returns for producers.
Next Wednesday the remaining five farmers will step in to the world of wool at the BWMB depot in Newtown.
Tim Booth, marketing manager for the BWMB said: "We felt that with over 50,000 sheep farms in the UK and up to 30 million kilos of wool available annually, we needed to be engaging with young people about wool at a stage when they would be receptive to the whole story.