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BWOBodies Without Organs (band)
BWOBooks We Own
BWOBlue-Winged Olive
BWOBackward Wave Oscillator
BWOBlue World Order (wrestling spoof)
BWOBalakovo (Russia)
BWOBy Way Of
BWOBetter Watch Out
BWOBlackwater Operations (game)
BWOBlack Water Ops ( groups)
BWObladder washout
BWOBench Warrant Ordered
BWOBattle Watch Officer
BWOBlack Women's Organization
BWOBowels Well Open
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Fellow BWO member Rodman will square off with GWO member Kevin Perry.
Keeping in mind this mechanism of OT, we analyse the BWO of Pashto.
Using a combination of existing FeedRoom ad inventory with clients that its own brand attracts, BWO realizes approximately a $50 CPM rate on flash and video ads placed at the beginning of each stream.
When fishing the Green or other tailwaters in spring, there is a chance you'll witness a BWO blanket hatch.
BWO: Sunshine In The Rain BWO stands for Bodies Without Organs and this Swedish band use their soft pop electronica to become a little ray of sunshine.
SHARPLEY WATERS & SPRINGS (0191 581 8045, mobile 07771 933996): Black, Olive or Brown Buzzer, Pheasant Tail, Olive Nymph, BWO Spinner, Cul de Canard Sedge, Invicta, Daddylonglegs, Hopper, Damsel, Sedgehog.
Sloan's commanding officer, Gulf veteran Lieutenant Colonel BWO Russell, said he had recommended the soldier for promotion.
Their efforts have produced world record microwave power levels in several sources related to the BWO and TWT.
Customers include Grenland Group, Babcock Engineering Services, Microseismic, Heerema Fabrication Group, Seadrill, Yantai Raffles, Archer, APL, Hertel, Bergen Group Rosenberg, Technip, BWO, Semco Maritime, Reinertsen, STX Europe, PGS, Wellstream and Hamworthy Gas Systems.
Before I could re-rig my tippet, the water became a moving carpet of BWO dons, The trout slurped eagerly at first, and then methodically.
For a 600 GHz BWO design, an interdigital transmission line pattern was etched on a type 2A diamond structure using ion-beam assisted etching with a 2 kV Xenon beam.