BWPCBureau of Water Pollution Control
BWPCBedford Water Polo Club (UK)
BWPCBethany World Prayer Center (Louisiana)
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Field tests have confirmed that the application of the BWPC technology on oil wells which have shown reduced production over time has resulted in production rate increases from 35% to over 100%.
Avalon is currently developing a detailed plan to test the performance of the BWPC technology on wells in which Avalon has a controlling interest.
For the attention of: BWPC John Gibbs (Left May 2013)
Contract notice: BWPC - RVJ Relocation of North Bristol NHS Trust~s Renal Satellite Unit at RUH Bath.
Contract notice: BWPC Consortium Wide Flexible Endoscopy Framework.
BWPC Consortium wide Local Framework for Flexible Endoscopy Scopes, Equipment, Consumables and Maintenance.
Contract notice: BWPC RA3 Replacement of X-ray Room.
Contract notice: BWPC - Nutrition Supply Services including Feeds, Pumps, Consumables & a Home Delivery Service.
Contract notice: BWPC RVJ RA7 - Vagal Nerve Stimulator Therapy.