BWPDBarrels of Water Per Day
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Another milestone of note is the Christianson 15-12, American Eagle's first operated Three Forks well, completed its first year of production in May 2013 with cumulative oil produced of 92,600 BO and showed average production rate for the month of May 2013 of 247 BOPD, 145 BWPD and 161 MCFPD, with a 63% oil cut.
The last reported well test prior to the well being shut in indicated production rates of 661 BOPD, 824 MCFPD and 381 BWPD.
The well had initial production, on April 16, 2010, of 20 BOPD, 50 MCFPD and 450 BWPD.
The well was stimulated and put on production in November, 2012 and it produced a total of 14,256 barrels of oil (BO), 12,438 barrels of water (BW), and 5,580 MCF of gas during the first 30 days on pump for a calculated average rate of 475 BOPD, 415 BWPD, and 186 MCFPD.
The well was flowed back for approximately twelve days for clean up at an average rate of 427 BOPD, 664 BWPD and 298 MCFPD.
The IP rate on the 10B reservoir was recorded at 1624 MCFGPD, 23 BOPD and 68 BWPD with 910 psi FTP on an 18/64" choke.
The Christianson 15-12-163-101 well ("Christianson 15-12") has been producing on pump with average rates of 595 BOPD, 385 MCFPD and 574 BWPD over the last ten days.
With the new water source coming on-line in September, and injection now at 16,000 BWPD, we are seeing waterflood production volumes start to increase again.
On a 24 hour basis, this is equivalent to 170 BOPD and 340 BWPD, for a combined fluid rate of 510 BFPD.
A consistent sustained oil rate has yet to be obtained but the most recent flow data recorded a 485 BOPD rate with 485 BWPD.
The sand tested on January 5th, 2009 at a stabilized rate of 2,494 MCFPD, 171 BOPD plus 413 BWPD (barrels of water per day) through a 15/64 inch choke with FTP (flowing tubing pressure) of 3,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) and SITP (shut-in tubing pressure) of 5,700 PSI and is currently producing to Saratoga's Grand Bay production facility.
The flow back of the well was then conducted over several days and at the end of that period when about 25% of the stimulation fluid had been recovered, the well was flowing around 860 BOPD with 860 BWPD.