BWSRBoard of Water and Soil Resources
BWSRBureau of Wholesale Sales Representatives (Atlanta, GA)
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Local soil and water conservation districts (SWCDs) administer BWSR easement programs with the assistance of local screening committees.
Cooperating agencies and conservation organizations often contribute technical or financial assistance to landowners participating in BWSR easement programs.
Component #1: Enrollment goals for a continued WRP and a refocussed CRP should be accomplished through the acquisition of conservation easements, such as done through the RIM Reserve and the PWP programs administered by BWSR.
Component #2: BWSR would like to enter into a delegation agreement with USDA to transfer federal easement acquisition, practice establishment, and necessary administrative funding through BWSR to SWCDs.
Local SWCDs and BWSR have acquired over 2,000 RIM Reserve easements since 1986 and over 250 PWP easements since 1991; existing staff are experienced and locally responsive to landowners' inquiries and needs.
USDA and FWS already serve on local screening committees in their cooperative efforts to implement BWSR easement programs.