BWSSBig Wheel Scooters Singapore (est. 2013)
BWSSBattered Women Support Services
BWSSBritish Western Shooting Society (UK)
BWSSBacterial White Spot Syndrome
BWSSBerlin Wall Software Supermarket (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
BWSSBiggera Waters State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
BWSSBlue Water Sailing School, Inc. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
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The BWSS took part in a national march, called the pilgrimage, from Carlisle to London in July 1913 - joining the procession at Great King Street, Hockley, as they travelled through the city with banners.
He said that Catherine Osler, a member of the wealthy family of glass manufacturers, was a leading voice in the BWSS who broadened the campaign to workers.
Abbreviations ALS: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALSFRS-R: Revised ALS Functional Rating Scale AT: Anaerobic Threshold BWSS: Body Weight Supporting System CPET: Cardiopulmonary exercise testing FVC: Forced vital capacity NIV: Noninvasive ventilation NPO: Nocturnal pulsed oximetry NS: Nonsignificant RFT: Respiratory Function Tests ROM: Range of motion RCP: Respiratory Compensation Point [VO.sub.2]: Oxygen uptake [VO.sub.2pk]: Oxygen uptake at peak effort VT1: First ventilatory threshold VT2: Second ventilatory threshold.
BWSS (Battered Women's Support Services) 2015, 'The violence stops here--continued commitment to supporting immigrant and refugee women', July 16, viewed 28 September, 2015,
The Government of Canada provided BWSS $150,000 to host Feminists Deliver, a complementary conference to the Women Deliver 2019 Conference taking place in Vancouver from June 3 to 6, 2019.
The BWSS was taken over by PTA and MWCI's joint venture company, the BIWC, through a concession agreement following the signing of the JVA.
Tenders are invited for bwss - supply and installation of suitable centrifugal pump set (2nos) at purameri clear water pump house
Tenders are invited for bwss - extension of pipe line to aklothnada- arakulangara road in ward 15 of badagara municipality
Tenders are invited for Supply, Erection, Electrification and commissioning of 40 HP or Suitable HP centrifugal pump set along with allied accessories at UTSAV Pump House to Pump House pure water from Pump house to ELSR Belagavi, under O&M to BWSS for the year 2017-18.
Tenders are invited for Providing water supply arrangements to New Vaibhav Nagar Ward No.55 in Belagavi city under O and M to BWSS for the year 2016-17 - Providing & laying of 90, & 160mm dia HDPE Pipelines
Tenders are invited for drw 2017 - bwss to pathamkulam - providing pipe line for interlinking from uwss to ottapalam municipality from 4th mile to nallanaattukara, pathayam