BXABureau of Export Administration (US Department of Commerce)
BXAButorphanol and Xylazine Administration (animal science)
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BXA and OFAC had in early 2001 drafted licensing rules to implement the new law's exemption.
"Even the name change to BIS from the Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) raised concerns in the trade community that the agency was moving away from its primary export-licensing role.
The draft regulations, which are expected to be finalized later this month, would create a "license exception" for agricultural trade to Cuba, the official explained, similar to 40 other BXA exceptions that allow, among other things, the sales of US pillows to France without export controls.
Robert Majak, assistant secretary for export administration at the Commerce Departments Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) said while the Playstation 2 devices almost assuredly clock more than 6 MTOPs, there are more efficient and more commercially-available devices - desktop PCs that measure speeds of up to 6,500 MTOPs, for example - than this holiday's scarcest gift.
(34) The Bureau of Export Administration ("BXA"), a division of the Department of Commerce, has regulatory jurisdiction over encryption items and activities that are subject to the EAR.
Other government agencies represented in this process include the Department of Commerce (BXA), Department of Treasury (OFAC) and Export Assistance.
Available in single, dual, and multi-output versions, the BXA series is suitable for powering miniature lamps used for backlighting Mitsubishi TFT-LCD panel displays.
In promulgating the amended EAR regulations, the BXA quoted President Clinton's Executive Order: I have determined that the export of encryption products described in this section could harm national security and foreign policy interests even where comparable products are or appear to be available from sources outside the United States, and that facts and questions concerning the foreign availability of such encryption products cannot be made subject to public disclosure or judicial review without revealing or implicating classified information that could harm United States national security and foreign policy interests.
Guide to overseas markets outlines opportunities for US firms" to "BXA and NTIS join forces to deliver new export regulations!