BXCBand Cross-Connect
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On the far end of the spectrum, the BXC is a heavy-for-diameter, thick-jacketed bullet with a protected tip.
For various reasons, including a troubled center of gravity that resulted in somewhat erratic accuracy, the brass and boattail were dropped for aluminum and a flat base, after which the BXC flew comfortably with an accuracy more than adequate for the ranges it's designed for.
30-06 BXC cartridges of the original variety that showed reasonable accuracy, I hunted Southwest Texas in late February 2016.
22 Long Rifle; and two lines of centerfire rifle ammo: BXR Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip; and BXC Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip.
BXC will participate in a private placement (the Private Placement) by purchasing 16,468,400 or such other number of common shares necessary to give BXC a 30% equity interest in the then issued capital of the Company, at a price of C$0.
BXC has also committed to provide additional funding to the Kubi Gold JV on reasonable commercial terms, for the construction of additional facilities such as a production shaft, full processing facilities or expansion.
BXC has the right to maintain a 30% equity interest in new equity financings announced by Asante, and up to two seats on the Board of Directors of the Company.
BXC, a solar energy firm and a subsidiary of Beijing Fuxing Xiao-Cheng Electronic Technology Stock Com Ltd, has made an announcement on the accomplishment of its solar power project located at Oyandze close to Winneba in the Central Region.
Interacting with media during a trip to the plant, the BXC consultant Mr.
BXC in its media statement has thanked the Energy Commission and the heads as well as residents of the Oyandze Township for their support to complete this project successfully.
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A solar power generation company and a subsidiary of Beijing Fuxing Xiao-Cheng Electronic Technology Stock Com Ltd, BXC Company Ghana Limited, will be investing USD30 million in the construction and development of a solar power plant at Onyandze near Winneba, Gomoa East district, Central region, Ghana.