BXJBusiness Expansion Journal
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Publishes three national magazines: BXJ and GCX reach executives in economic development, targeting large manufacturers who are looking to relocate; Extreme How-To targets the home-improvement enthusiasts.
For MSM, Bxj is the genotype of the Cultivar x (0 or 1) for Marker j, N is the total number of markers and [PIC.sub.j] is the PIC for the Marker j.
Tenders are invited for Reconditioning of worn out Points & Xings at stations Longcholiet (LCT).Nailalung (NLN), Diphu (DPU), Da Ida li (DLDE), Dhansiri (DSR), Rangapahar (RXR), Dimapur(DMV), Khotkhoti (KHKT), Bokajan (BXJ), Chongajan (CJA),Naogan(NJN), Sarupathar (SZR), Barpathar (BXP), Bhilgaon (BHGN) & Jamuguri (JMI) in Lumding (LMG)-Furkating (FKG) (BG) section under the jurisdiction of ADEN/ DMV;