BXLBruxelles (French: Brussels, Belgium)
BXLBakelite Xylonite Limited (UK)
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This requirement is in the definition of "proceeds based on:" 'The IRS proceeds based on information provided by a whistleblower when the infomiation provided substantially contributes to an action against a person identified by the whistleblower" [Treasury Regulations section 301.7623-2(bXl)].
Willcox died in July 2017, a few days after his release, but LXA and BXL continued their damages claim, which was launched in 2016, against his estate - of which Cynthia Willcox is the personal representative - and Mrs Willcox.
trabeum, BXL activity after 7 days was considerably lower than xylanase activity, implying that the majority of xylanase activity at the early decay stages is due to endo-acting xylanases required to liberate [beta]-xylosidase substrates [29].
it Mr Mike Cleverley, BXL's former commercial manager and 25 other workers, had been employed by the charity which was said to help 20,000 young people a year with education and work training.
The test case was brought by Birminghambased Shakespeares on behalf of PwC as the administrators of BXL Services, to help clarify whether failing to give 'notice of intention' to the company (in accordance with paragraph 26 of the Insolvency Act 1986), prior to their appointment was sufficient to render it invalid.
John Ling, CEO of BXL, said: "Businesses, schools and young people working together is not a new idea, but there is a lot more that can be done to make it more effective and structured for both parties.
John Ling, chief executive of BXL, said at the time of the charity's collapse last month: "This is a very sad day for the West Midlands.
"Unfortunately to date, no purchaser has been found and therefore the workforce at BXL were all made redundant on February 10, 2012.
The rallying cry was made by BXL's John Ling and comes after a previous attempt to tackle the recent disorder stalled because there was no clear vision on how to engage with local youths.
Contact: Maria Andres Marin, libe-press@europarl.europa.eu, (32-2) 28 44299 (BXL), (33-3) 881 73603 (STR)
Tony Barrell, Matthew Hammond and Ian Oakley-Smith, of PwC were appointed joint administrators of Birmingham-based BXL Services on January 23.
BXL Services, based at the Centennial Centre, has a long history of helping 13 to 19-year-olds find work opportunities throughout the West Midlands, helping with training, work experience and other support for youngsters.