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BXOBalanitis Xerotica Obliterans
BXOBattalion Executive Officer
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AR1025 N17[degrees]/169[degrees] remained on the disk from August type Bxo but was not seen on the 2nd.
AR1036 S27[degrees]/210[degrees] developed on the disk on Dec 20 type Bxo. The group continued to develop and was type Dso containing 7 spots on Dec 22 but was not seen thereafter.
The group was last seen on Feb 13 approaching the western limb type Bxo.
AR1063 N16[degrees]/264[degrees] made a brief appearance on Apr 28 type Bxo.
The group was type Dso by June 11 and had reduced to type Bxo by June 12 approaching the western limb.
The following day it was type Bxo consisting of 3 small spots but faded back to Axx on July 26 and was not seen thereafter.
AR1121 S18[degrees]/215[degrees] (possible return of AR1112) rounded the eastern limb on Nov 5 and was reported as a Bxo group the following day.
AR1145 N17[degrees]/098[degrees] formed on the disk in the NE quadrant on Jan 9 type Bxo but was brief in its existence and no further reports were received.
AR1170 S26[degrees]/160[degrees] formed on the disk on Mar 8 near the western limb and was also seen on Mar 9 type Bxo before it rounded the limb.
AR1200 S17[degrees]/124[degrees] also formed on the disk in the south eastern quadrant on Apr 26 type Bxo. The group faded quickly and was not seen the following day.
AR1247 S18[degrees]/268[degrees] formed on the disk on July 8 in the SE quadrant type Bxo containing 7 small spots.
The group continued to decline and was type Bxo on Sep 7 approaching the SW limb.