BXRLBillfishing Xtreme Release League
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The BXRL StarFish will be re-broadcast on ESPN2 on Tuesday, October 15th at 11:00 am ET and again on Thursday, October 17th at 4:00 am ET on ESPN2.
The beneficiaries of the 2002 BXRL StarFish Celebrity Challenge include the Billfish Foundation, the International Game Fish Association, the Wade Boggs Foundation for Youth Athletics, the Todd Bridges Youth Foundation, the Jay Nolan Community Center for Autism, the American Diabetes Association, the American Cancer Society/Breast Cancer Research and F.
Anyone wishing to support these worthy causes through sponsorship, donation or by simply going big-game angling with the stars of sportfishing, film, television, professional sports and media can participate in the upcoming 2003 BXRL StarFish Celebrity Challenge.