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BYAABulondo Youth Anti-AIDS Association (Uganda)
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The third dispute involved a claim byaA JohnsonaA and Johnson that Boston Scientific's TAXUS Liberte stent infringed its Gray patent.
From Purik: can'khon 'armpit', sma'raa 'beard', ?xor'mo 'brain', ?kxal'ma 'kidney', sam'dal 'moustache', zin'gat 'neck', stod 'shoulder', daah 'arrow', thal'tsir 'ashes', gjaa'tsi 'honey', thak'saa 'loom', ?thok'tse 'mattock', [??]dzen 'milk', brok 'lightning', (25) char'chu 'rain', sar 'east', grib 'shady side of mountain', njub 'west', lo'kyr 'year', tsan'gul 'earthquake', den'mo 'bear', zo, lan'to 'bull', sok'paa 'feather', nyaa 'fish', byaa mo 'hen', byaa pho 'rooster', chur'di 'ram', chah 'maize', laq'tshuks 'tree', can'ma 'willow', ?skela'ris 'to swim', cuk 'all', zar'baa 'blind', hjin 'left (direction)', tran w[??]ji 'right (direction)', 'titaq 'small', 'ston 'thousand'
ENGLAND'S hopes of fighting their way back into the second Test were dashed byaa century from Tillekeratne Dilshan.
Would love to have written: Winnie The Pooh byAA Milne
14 January 2010 - German biotechnology company Evotec AG (FRA: EVT) said today it has extended byaA the end of 2012aA its collaboration with US CHDI Foundation Inc (CHDI) aimed at finding new treatments for Huntington's disease.
President al-Assad also talked about the hard conditions in which brotherly Yemen is living , stressing Syria's stand byAa its unity and independence away from any dictations or foreign intervention .
Recently, "Frommer's", the leading American travel website ranked Tunisia as one of the top 2010 travel destinations in the world and a study released byAa "Hanz Mirkor", a German insurance company also ranked Tunisia as the 8 th favorite destination for German tourists.
The contract was signed byAa Nour Eldin Bakr, Misr Travel managing director & CEO and attended by the financial affairs managing director and head of trade sectors at Misr Travel.
Summary: <p>The office for the prosecutor in the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) sought on Thursday to clarify what it termed "inaccurate" media coverage, even as new and unconfirmed reports regarding its former chief investigator emerged.AaRadia Ashouri, spokesperson for STL Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare, in an email seen byAa The Daily Star , said.
People ready to be under constant surveillanceAa and challenged byAa the troops to be stationed in America to deal with complainers.
The players will play warm-up matches in Jaipur and Hyderabad ahead of the first Test which gets underway on October 9 in Bangalore, another city recently hit byAa terrorist bombs.And Cricket Australia have confirmed they will be seeking specialist advice ahead of the six-week tour.CA public affairs manager Peter Young said: "We are concerned and saddened about the news that there has been these bombings overnight in New Delhi.
This unique approach liberates network owners from the straightjacket of statically defined networks which deprived them of the choice to move to more effective network architectures.Aa The newly announced Network Security Appliance (NSA) E8500 enables enterprises to take advantage of technology trends such as Web 2.0, converged communications and mobility without compromising performance.AaAa SonicWALL protects the network against damage byAa proactively block threatsAa while giving network owners the total application control they need to increase overall network performance and efficiency.AaAa "As technology has changed so too have the threats that look to exploit new vulnerabilities," said Matt Medeiros, President and CEO, SonicWALL.