BYARBreakthroughs for Youth at Risk (Kaneohe, HI)
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Working closely with Brian, the Byars executed a successful introduction to the market and have been going strong ever since.
Byars offered, "I sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence placed in me by ACON.
Like Byars in the hands of Triple Candie, Kharms's redheaded man is cast into oblivion, only to remain hauntingly present: "So we don't even know who we're talking about.
As Byars began the process of shooting his free throws, a (http://deadspin.
Following the concert on day two, the Chris Byars Quartet will perform at a jam session with the festival's line-up.
Since then, the Chris Byars Quintet has been taking time out of their busy schedules and jetting out to Cyprus every few months to teach young and more established musicians a few tricks of the trade in week-long sessions of rigorous training.
TheWeek caught up with quartet, which consists of New Yorkers Chris Byars (saxophone), Ari Roland (bass), Stefan Schatz (drums) and John Mosca (trombone), just before the musicians took to the stage in front of an excited audience of 650, to discuss their first visit to Oman and, most importantly, their music.
THE world record for stone skimming will belong to Russell Byars for some time, experts insist.
Byars of Medford, formerly of Eugene and Junction City.
Byars reversed the department's legal stance, publicly
Senator Dennis Byars filed for re-election even though he has served the maximum two consecutive terms allowed under the voter-approved limitation.