BYCOBarents Youth Cooperation Office (Murmansk, Russia)
BYCOBromley Youth Chamber Orchestra (UK)
BYCOBay Youth Concert Orchestra (Norfolk, VA)
BYCObarium-yttrium-copper oxide
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The concept of Community Development Plan at Byco highlights the building of active and sustainable communities based on social justice, mutual respect, and perception of a common interest.
Byco is the only OMC which has grown at a staggering rate of 208% as compared to other competitors in the last fiscal year; with a growth of 390% in retail sales and 303% in turnover.
Byco's SPM is Pakistan's only floating terminal and revolutionizes the handling of crude oil and refined petroleum products in the country.
Their findings showed no evidence of leakage at Byco's facilities.As part of its own investigation, Byco tested a sample of the oil found at the site and found it to be bunker oil, which is not produced at Byco's refinery, nor at any other refinery in Pakistan.
The ad promotes tree plantation across Pakistan by distributing Moringa Tree seeds at Byco's retail outlets.
The squeezed the profitability of the sector, however, Byco managed both te risks better than industry peers.
Petroleum Ltd (BPPL), Qaiser Jamal, former President Refineries, Byco Pakistan Petroleum Ltd (BPPL), Syed Zulfiqar Ali Jaffery, former General Manager (Retail, Consumer Business) PSO and CEO Jinn Petroleum, and Dr Syed Nazar A.
Byco re-commissioned a catalytic reformer at its oil refinery, ORC-2, enabling the company to convert 24,000 barrels per day of heavy naphtha into motor gasoline, as per rated capacity.
Amir Abbassciy, Chief Executive Officer, BPPL, remarked: "Byco's roll out of state-of-the-art, OGRA compliant oil tankers underscores our commitment to ensure that safety will always be Byco's top priority.
The Byco management also informed in the quarterly statement 2018 that the operations of Isomerisation unit, commencing during the period by the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.
Islamabad -- The Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency (BEPA) visited Byco's Single Point Mooring and Zero Point today and advised Byco to resume sea fuelling operations with immediate effect today subsequent to its thorough investigation.
A further 2,000 trees have been planted in District Lasbela at Byco's Bowzer village near its refinery in Balochistan.