BYCOBarents Youth Cooperation Office (Murmansk, Russia)
BYCOBay Youth Concert Orchestra (Norfolk, VA)
BYCOBromley Youth Chamber Orchestra (UK)
BYCObarium-yttrium-copper oxide
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The management highlighted that one of the key issues faced by BYCO was higher working capital cycle.
BYCO has worked to shift its supply source from imported to domestically produced crude oil.
BYCO marketing gets Rs 2bn monthly credit from refineries.
BYCO has added outlets gradually during the last few years.
The benefit of incremental deemed duty would thus be shared between BOPL and BYCO on diesel supplies from BYCO.
The SPM has been set up in the North Arabian Sea at distance of approximately 14 kilometers from the Bycos Mouza Kund Site located at Hub, and is 10 km inside the sea at 2.