BYEGMBasin-Yayin Ve Enformasyon Genel Mudurlugu (Turkey)
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In addition, while increasing the number of members in the Press Card Commission under the BYEGM from 13 to 15, the new regulation also decreased the number of members from press unions from eight to five, which had remained unchanged for 50 years, making the commission a government subordinate.
Instead, every journalist who had applied for a press card was required to check the result of their application by using their TC identification number on the BYEGM website.
A number of journalists from Zaman and Cihan News Agency also received similar answers from the BYEGM, saying that their accreditation is under consideration.
In January, the BYEGM made a highly controversial decision to block a number of journalists from acquiring permanent press cards during a meeting in December.
In December last year, the BYEGM made a highly controversial decision to block a number of journalists who were critical of the government from acquiring permanent press cards.
Part of the TGF's statement reads: "After this regulation, the right to issue press cards which affects thousands of journalists is left only to the BYEGM General Directorate as the decisions made by the Press Cards Commission, which now includes 15 members, are invalidated.
BYEGM made a highly controversial decision to deny 94 veteran journalists -- many of whom work for the Zaman, Samanyolu, Cihan, Taraf and BugE-n media outlets -- permanent press cards regardless of their eligibility during a meeting held last December.
However, the BYEGM has announced that it did not approve of the 94 journalists acquiring permanent press cards.
Releasing a statement regarding the issue, Turkey's Press Council has slammed the BYEGM for refusing to grant the journalists their press cards even though they are eligible, calling the decision a clear indication of discrimination against the media.
Speaking with Today's Zaman, TGF Chairman Atilla Sertel, who is also a member of the Press Cards Commission, criticized BYEGM General Director Cemalettin HaE-imi by stating: "The Press Cards Commission is a 13-member commission that consists of representatives from journalist federations and journalist unions, TRT officials and two bureaucrats from BYEGM.
A Today's Zaman correspondent reached the ministry's press adviser, Serdar AltyntaE-, who said he is not knowledgeable about the case and referred the reporter to a BYEGM office.
31, 2013, and that the BYEGM used its discretion not to extend the journalist's press card.