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BYGBlack Yellow Green
BYGBaptist Youth Group (BC, Canada)
BYGBlue Yard Garden (band)
BYGBuchanan Yonushewski Group, LLC (Denver, CO)
BYGBinnerri Youth Group (Dallas, Tx)
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It also has an internal rewards system accessible at the BYG money tab.
Most importantly, however, we suspect that the changes generated in the Andean communities as a result of forests destruction, growing populations, and increased access to trade and service centers, lead to the use of alternative resources like western medicine, instead of the ones used traditionally (Ladio & Lozada, 2001; Macia et al., 2005; Byg et al., 2007; De la Torre et al., 2009).
(1) La literatura cientifica sobre CC comienza a incorporar evidencias desde el punto de vista de las poblaciones locales (Osbahr et al., 2008; Marzano, 2006; Salick y Byg, 2007).
Quantitative methods have been used in ethnobotanical studies to analyze the knowledge and use of palms by local people, with the work of Bates [1], Byg and Balslev [2], Byg et al.
Allen, Liquid Crystals in Complex Geometries Formed by Polymer and Porous Networks, edited byG. P.
Byg, "Eastern Himalayan alpine plant ecology, Tibetan ethnobotany, and climate change," Global Environmental Change, vol.
Meanwhile, the ByG Party, which predominantly consists of Turkish immigrants and people of other foreign descent, received 2,678 of the first votes and 17,695 of the second votes.
The testimony of local people in Siberia also echoes what people like them in other world areas are saying about how changes in weather and annual cycles are affecting their lands and livelihoods (Salick and Byg, 2007; Crate and Nuttall, 2009).
Byg B, 2010, "Class conflict and urban public space: Haneke and mass transit", in A Companion to Michael Haneke Ed.
They are fellow avid fans and music travelers Peter Cox and photographer, bookseller, archivist, co-founder of the French label BYG, collaborator, and dearest of friends Jacques Bisceglia.
the importance given to a particular species by the informants, by referencing it) was computed for each site based on the number of citations by the informants, using the importance value (BYG; BALSLEV, 2001) of each category as [] = cat/tot and the importance value of each species within each category as [IV.sub.sp/cat] = sp/cat, where: