BYHBang Your Head (German band)
BYHBless Your Heart
BYHBrigham Young High School (Provo, Utah)
BYHBig Yellow House (cooperative house)
BYHBraintree Youth Hockey (Braintree, MA)
BYHBikram Yoga Harlem (Harlem, New York)
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The society is composed of H groups of voters of different income (8), denoted byh = 1, ...
The bad-years hypothesis (BYH) assumes that unpredictable (but regularly occurring) years of low success of large broods favors the evolution of clutches that are smaller than the brood size that in most years maximizes success (Murphy 1968, Boyce and Perrins 1987).
Massey Knakal represented the seller in this transaction while the purchaser was represented byh the Halstead Property Company.
Items are shadowed either byh flagging the title, call number, or copy or by assigning the item to a shadowed location.
These simple strategies help us fulfill the qualityh of life described byh philosopher John Locke--"A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world."
ES integration with the DSS communication subsystem can result in a much friendlier interface between the decision maker and the computer and it can facilitate the acquisition of data and knowledge required byh the system[19].
The vessel is powered byh a combined diesel and gas turbine propulsion package from Motoren-und-Turbinen Union (MTU) in Munich Germany.
AndyM urray isn't bothered byh is run ofdef eats "Withthe successI haveh ad at Wimbledon,Ial waysa rrive hereunder some pressure.B ut alsothis i swhere I'mable tos hift upa couple ofg ears because grass works tom ystrengths.I alwaysj ustf eel veryg oodh ere.I don'tg etp ulledd ownby not having wona Grand Slam forso long.
The only positive element was that other crime fell byh a third because local criminals were too scared to come out.
However,t imestaken byh and, withastop- watchcalib rated merely too ne-fifthofase cond, wereb ogus; theyf latteredt hew inner because watch-holdersw ere slowt o react to thesta rtb utanticipat edt hef inish.