BYNCBack of the Yards Neighborhood Council (Chicago, IL)
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Members of the BYNC seem just as confident of their ability to see results from long range programs aimed at better housing or re-employment as from programs more closely hone to the local neighborhood.
In spite of the swiftness with which it was launched, BYNC has not always met with smooth sailing.
Sheil, auxiliary bishop of Chicago--has been the godfather of the BYNC from its earliest inception.
Though the BYNC is now a member of the Community Fund, social workers both inside and outside the stockyards district have not yet wholly granted it their seal of approval.
Last year BYNC approached thirteen gangs and offered them each a "budget" of $50.
The store got hold of Joe Meegan, who was head of the BYNC, and he came over.
After failing to gain support from BYNC, Alinsky became publicly critical of it, using BYNC's trajectory to make the point that, "when the have-nots become the haves, they seek to protect what they've got.
After his failed effort with BYNC, Alinsky thought that a white organization powerful enough to control a quota process would also be powerful enough to keep blacks out, and would choose the latter.