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BYOCBring Your Own Computer
BYOCBring Your Own Chair
BYOCBring Your Own Cup (conservation)
BYOCBring Your Own Coffee
BYOCBuild Your Own Clone
BYOCBuild Your Own Computer
BYOCBring Your Own Condom
BYOCBring Your Own Console (gaming)
BYOCBring Your Own Controller
BYOCBuild Your Own Curriculum
BYOCBring Your Own Chocolate
BYOCBring Your Own Champagne
BYOCBring Your Own Connection (as logging on to AOL via a TCP/IP connection)
BYOCBring Your Own Cowboy
BYOCBring Your Own Client
BYOCBring Your Own Couch (Salzburg, Austria)
BYOCBring Your Own Cigar
BYOCBring Your Own Chick
BYOCBring Your Own Cow
BYOCBring Your Own Chalk
BYOCBring Your Own Cash
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Acer, BYOC, and the Acer logo are registered trademarks of Acer Inc.
Acer offers two BYOC application solutions for the era of new computing and communications, namely the abPBX plus series for enterprises, and aBeing series for homes.
Open Platform (AOP), BYOC empowered devices, and BYOC apps, opens up a new
AccessNow also enables companies with BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) policies to continue leveraging the Microsoft RDS platform
As an added benefit, AccessNow also enables companies with BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) policies to continue leveraging the Microsoft RDS platform.
McNaught will address the financial, productivity, legal, and security impact that BYOC and the advent of the iPad has on enterprises, and how virtualization, cloud computing and zero clients provide IT with the arsenal to support BYOC.
and BYOC ecosystem partner Studio X-Gene jointly announced a new eATV (electric all-terrain vehicle) at eCarTec Munich 2015.
The company's ultra-fast AT&T network will provide the Internet speeds needed to support more than 2,500 gamers in the BYOC.
DELHI, October 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Global School, Saket in collaboration with BYOC is organizing a 48 hour non-stop animation and gaming festival and competition on the 7th and 8th of November at its auditorium.
Acer is coining a new Internet of Beings (IoB) concept within its BYOC ecosystem which provides highly secure technologies for communication, consolidation, and sharing of information.
Acer's BYOC is a secure, cross-platform, multi-device cloud solution that allows businesses or individuals to wirelessly store, sync, and access data at anytime and anywhere.
With this latest initiative, Acer has expanded its BYOC services to the popular sport of marathons with the specially designed registration website, www.