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BYOCBring Your Own Cake
BYOCBuild Your Own Cloud (computer app)
BYOCBring Your Own Computer
BYOCBring Your Own Cloud (cloud computing)
BYOCBring Your Own Cocktails
BYOCBring Your Own Camera
BYOCBring Your Own Chair
BYOCBring Your Own Cheese
BYOCBring Your Own Cup (conservation)
BYOCBe Your Own Chef
BYOCBring Your Own Car
BYOCBring Your Own Cat
BYOCBring Your Own Coffee
BYOCBuild Your Own Clone
BYOCBuild Your Own Computer
BYOCBring Your Own Cash
BYOCBring Your Own Condom
BYOCBring Your Own Console (gaming)
BYOCBring Your Own Controller
BYOCBring Your Own Chicken
BYOCBake Your Own Cake
BYOCBuild Your Own Curriculum
BYOCBring Your Own Chocolate
BYOCBring Your Own Champagne
BYOCBring Your Own Connection (as logging on to AOL via a TCP/IP connection)
BYOCBring Your Own Cowboy
BYOCBring Your Own Client
BYOCBring Your Own Cabbage (Runescape)
BYOCBring Your Own Couch (Salzburg, Austria)
BYOCBring Your Own Cigar
BYOCBring Your Own Chick
BYOCBring Your Own Cow
BYOCBring Your Own Chalk
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Share your BYOC Day experience on social media using the hashtag #BYOCDAY2018.
Findd is the face of something simple, yet revolutionary, with it's BYOC approach in an industry that is constantly searching for the next big thing in labor productivity.
The second application shows Acer's BYOC module built into industrial air tanks for safe monitoring; by sending data over the cloud reduces service hours in the field (manpower) while also lowers risks by keeping workers out of potentially dangerous situations.
Dropbox was a company-approved BYOC provider and, considering factors that suggested Barnes did not access the Dropbox files after leaving his employment with PrimePay, the court found no evidence of trade secret misappropriation and did not issue a preliminary injunction against the operation of Barnes' company.
We are excited to have this opportunity to partner with Acer regarding their BYOC ecosystem, said Sky Su, the Vice President of EgisTec.
This growing mobility in the workplace has led to an increased need to access files on the go and consequently, the BYOC trend becoming more prevalent.
West's first brush with the law happened toward the end of "Wake 'n' Bacon," a BYOC brunch at a Denver bakery on April 20, the semi-official pot holiday.
And remember: The Society for the Legitimization of the Ubiquitous Gastropod event is BYOC (bring your own chair).
The blue-yellow opponent channel (BYOC) is one of the most important mechanisms because under photopic conditions, yellow has the maximum luminous efficiency function or spectral sensitivity [16, 17], while blue shows the maximum dispersion in any optical system [16].
* BYOC: Bring Your Own Coverage * Medicare Enrollers Test Tablet App
If Mitt Romney gets into the White House and kills PPACA, employers might still move on their own to create a similar "bring your own coverage" (BYOC) system.