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BYOCBring Your Own Computer
BYOCBring Your Own Chair
BYOCBring Your Own Cup (conservation)
BYOCBring Your Own Coffee
BYOCBuild Your Own Clone
BYOCBuild Your Own Computer
BYOCBring Your Own Condom
BYOCBring Your Own Console (gaming)
BYOCBring Your Own Controller
BYOCBuild Your Own Curriculum
BYOCBring Your Own Chocolate
BYOCBring Your Own Champagne
BYOCBring Your Own Connection (as logging on to AOL via a TCP/IP connection)
BYOCBring Your Own Cowboy
BYOCBring Your Own Client
BYOCBring Your Own Couch (Salzburg, Austria)
BYOCBring Your Own Cigar
BYOCBring Your Own Chick
BYOCBring Your Own Cow
BYOCBring Your Own Chalk
BYOCBring Your Own Cash
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Delineate the organization's right to disable a BYOC account either during or after employment
Acer's BYOC is a multi-network and multi-device cloud ecosystem allowing customers the ability to customize and build their own cloud with ease of use where the only limit is their imagination.
While pot smoking is officially prohibited (though commonly smelled) at Red Rocks, the two Space Gallery concerts would be BYOC.
Testing the CSF for BYOC may be a good method for comparing visual system performance, which we used in this study to compare results between elite badminton players and non-athletes.
Similar questions can come up in discussions about a possible BYOC health benefits universe.
BYOC grew out of a cyber cafe that Gupta used to run - he was a gamer himself and he saw that a lot of people would come to the cafe to play multiplayer games.
We are working with universities, corporate and government organisations throughout the region on BYOC strategies and identify education amongst IT professionals is key to meeting growing user demands for mobility and flexibility.
He went on to state, "We've integrated a simple navigation experience for all shareholders, Independent Representatives, staff and visitors into our website to give them a direct virtual connection to everything BYOC.
It even comes with a secure handle for transportation purposes, just in case you love attending BYOC events.
These problems could have become apparent to the company's marketers if they simply played BYOC.
computer geeks) who hosted an all-night BYOC (bring your own computer) party to wage video-game warfare.
Acer announces that its president of BYOC Smart Products Business, ST Liew, will be leaving the company as part of his personal career planning.