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BYODBring Your Own Device
BYODBring Your Own Disaster
BYODBe Your Own Daddy
BYODBreach Your Own Data
BYODBring Your Own Drink
BYODBring Your Own Disk
BYODBring Your Own Drugs
BYODBring Your Own Dessert
BYODBring Your Own Dice (gaming)
BYODBuy Your Own Drinks
BYODBring Your Own Deck (playing cards)
BYODBang Your Own Drum (band)
BYODBathe Your Own Dog Llc (Black Eagle, MT)
BYODBe Your Own Detective
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One of the most important reasons on why the global BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is flourishing every year is the pressing needs to startups which allow their employees to bring their own device to work.
The Global Automotive Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Market report documents essential aspects of the market and discovers high moral standards of primary and secondary research.
In fact, it is observed that when an organization opts for IT consumerization, particularly the adoption of BYOD, there is an adaptation to the IT context and organization culture aiming towards establishing policies to be adopted and the model to be followed.
BYOD Policy Recommendations and Implementation Guidance
Long before the BYOD movement, employers have had to deal with the problem of opportunistic employees taking trade secrets, client lists and other valuable information with them when they transition to new employment.
Major extracts from the Table of Content of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & Enterprise Mobility Market, 2016-2022 report:
Introducing a plethora of student-owned devices to the classroom has the potential to cause chaos, so it's critical to provide teachers with adequate training before launching a BYOD initiative.
If there are still valid security concerns surrounding BYOD, they are the result of social engineering attacks or plain old human error.
So long as you are managing the risks, there is no reason that your business cannot experience great success with BYOD.
Whitener explained, "The Pokemon GO security issues have been a wake-up call to businesses that permit use of personal mobile devices for business purposes, but have not put in place either a BYOD policy that employees must comply with or security measures for protecting corporate and personal information from unauthorized access that apps such as Pokemon GO may enable."
More than half of respondents noted that BYOD policies at their companies increased employee mobility, satisfaction, and productivity, while just under half cited reduced costs as an added benefit.
BYOD is a policy that allows employees to use their personal devices for official purposes and it is essentially applicable for smartphone, laptop, and tablet devices.