BYOFBring Your Own Fork
BYOFBring Your Own Flashlight
BYOFBring Your Own Food
BYOFBring Your Own Flask
BYOFBring Your Own Film (fringe film festivals)
BYOFBuild Your Own Flyer
BYOFBring Your Own Floatie
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So, dear reader, you might ask: What if the friendly flight attendant does not cooperate with my BYOF plan and refuses to heat up the Chinese Duck Pancakes of keep the goat milk ice cream in the freezer until the time comes to dish it out?
Joining in the staging of BYOF were eleven additional "performers"--Richard Aldrich, Alisha Kerlin, Daniel Lepkoff, Charles Mayton, Patrick Palermo, Patrick Price, Woody Sullender, Sakura Shimada, Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, Sergei Tcherepnin, and Patricia Treib.
BYOF's disordered arrangement of plywood, projection screens, and paper walls, along with a nightmare of cameras, speakers, tripods, and cords, prohibited any one "painting-action" from being consumed in its sensorial totality.
While BYOF included several known artists, not one was directed to make a signature work.
Art historian and critic Eric de Bruyn describes this shift as central to artistic production since post-Minimalism; recalling Dan Graham's observation on a Bruce Nauman performance, de Bruyn writes, "The space does not contain the performance; rather it is the performance that constitutes the space." In BYOF, the actions physically moved from inside to outside and back again: from lobby to sidewalk, from preparatory to presentational, from actor to audience.