BYOKBring Your Own Key (Microsoft)
BYOKBring Your Own Kush
BYOKBring Your Own Knife
BYOKBuild Your Own Keyboard (Open Labs)
BYOKBring Your Own Kegger
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Webinar with 451 Research - 451 Research & Gemalto Present "Alphabet Soup: Deciphering Multi-Cloud Security (HYOK, BYOK, CSEK) https://www.
The English Dialect Dictionary has BOKY, an adjective defined as 'soft'; the Oxford English Dictionary has BYOK, an obsolete spelling of BAJOCCO, a small 19th century Italian copper coin; and KOBY is a boy's name with various instances findable on the internet.
At its event, Anaplan is showcasing the industrys first BYOK encryption technology offering in a cloud-based planning platform.