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BYONBuild Your Own Notebook
BYONBuild Your Own Network
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Star power impacts attendance through a direct approach (Berri & Schmidt, 2006; Berri et al., 2004; Brandes et al., 2008; Brown et al., 1991; Hausman & Leonard, 1997) and also through an indirect approach via other determinants of event attendance such as success of competing teams (Byon et al., 2010; Pifer et al., 2015), television broadcasting (Hausman & Leonard, 1997), and quality of contest (Rivers & Deschriver, 2002).
(18.) Sul YT, Johansson P, Chang BS, Byon ES, Jeong Y.
The approach to tackling the rise of BYON is exactly the same as BYOD -- focussing on the applications, not the devices.
" The children were in Wales and safely back with their parents byon.
Toddler experiences rain for the first time while you're sitting indoors feeling sad about the terrible weather, something that might cheer you up is a video of kayden byon, a 15-month-old girl from California.
Fifteen-month-old Kayden Byon from California became an internet sensation this week after a video of her experiencing rain for the first time went viral.
Byon, "In situ synthesis of bipyramidal sulfur with 3D carbon nanotube framework for lithium-sulfur batteries," Advanced Functional Materials, vol.
(30) Women may attend sporting events to support the interests of their significant others, but Kevin Byon and fellow researchers take it a step further.
(15.) In Tibetan, 'di phyogs su yang dge lugs kyi bstan pa dar tshul/ dgong ba'i sbyin bdag sus byas yong snyam thugs dam brtags pa mdzad gin 'byon pas/ de dus jo bo rus pa mkhar pa gra rgyas che dus kho pa rje 'bangs dpon g.yog 'khor bcas lto za chang 'thung byed pa'i gral du sgrub thob kyi 'byon nas rten 'brel gyi chos nyid rtags phyir du/ rnal 'byor pa bdag la chang gcig dgos zhes ka pa li bzed pas kho pa rnams kyi sprang po rnal 'byor pa ga nas yin mi shes pa'i mi thod 'khyer ba de tshur ma yong phar song zer nas phyir 'bud byas [de ru]rten 'brel ma 'grig par/ de nas ber mkhar du 'byon pas (Me rag mdzad rnam, 2012: 2b-3b)
Prediction #3: The rise of bring your own network (BYON)