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In Collected Works of Rgyal dbang kun dga' dpal 'byor, Vol.1, Thimphu 1976
An explicit reference to the text is found in the former where he gives a fairly lengthy account of Sakyasri's biography, "since," as he writes, "the Pan chen's life does not appear to very well known at present."(28) He styles his story a synopsis, without personal reconstructions (rang bzo med par), of Bsod nams dpal bzang po's "summary of the Dpag bsam gyi' khri shing of Ma ha Lo tsa ba [= Khro phu Lo tsa ba] and various miscellaneous biographical writings of Khro [phu Lo tsa ba and] Dpyal [Lo tsa ba]." It is as yet unclear whence Stag tshang pa Dpal 'byor bzang po drew his biographical sketch of Sakyasri in his compilation, and the same must be said of the narrative of his invitation to and sojourn in Tibet by 'Gos Lo tsa ba.(29)
And secondly, the Deity Yoga (lha'i rnal 'byor), a form of Yogic meditation where one's body is visualized in the aspects of the Form Buddha (Dalai Lama 1985, 27) and generates Buddhalike attitudes, in particular the 'divine pride' (lha'i nga rgyal).
SPLA Major General Byor Ajang denied since last week the news reports saying any connection with the hijacked cargo.
One Wonders if he might be "Mkhan po Chos grub pa," the abbot of the Dge 'dun sgang pa community who served in this capacity at the time Stag tshang Dpal 'byor bzang po compiled his chronicle, for which see RGYA 514 [Chen, 299].
[bsgom par ]bya ste / de la ni dran pa'i chos phra rab tsam yang med na / dran pa dang bral ba lta ci smos / *rab 'byor byang chub [sems dpa'...
'Khon ston dPal 'byor lhun grub, gShin rje gshed bla rgyud chos 'byung (p.70 lines 4-5) confirms that Man lung pa was a disciple of Rong pa rGa lo: "Principally [Rong pa rGa lo] preached the cycle of [gShin rje] gshed and Dus kyi 'khor lo.
In 2007, while reading through a collection of Tibetan texts published several years earlier in eastern Tibet, I came across a short practice text called The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel of the Oral Tradition (1) written by 'Khon ston dpal 'byor lhun grub (1561-1637).
There are several Tibetan treatises that classify and describe different types of porcelain bowls and cups; mention may be made here of the relevant chapter of Stag tshang Dpal 'byor bzang po's fifteenth-century compilation of the Rgya bod yig tshang mkhas pa'i dga' byed, ed.
Yesterday, Major General Byor Ajang from the SPLA said that the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) did not order any new weapons.