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BYOTBring Your Own Teeth
BYOTBring Your Own Transaction (Microsoft COM+ objects)
BYOTBring Your Own Technology
BYOTBring Your Own Towel
BYOTBring Your Own Tools
BYOTBuild Your Own Theology
BYOTBring Your Own Tequila
BYOTBring Your Own Tea (texting)
BYOTBring Your Own Topic
BYOTBring Your Own Tissues
BYOTBring Your Own Toy
BYOTBring Your Own Thong
BYOTBring Your Own Trojan
BYOTBring Your Own Toothbrush
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Some of the council's 18 employees already have smart phones, which should make implementing a BYOT policy easier.
The new BYOT plan allows the council to require the use of smart phones without employees having to carry around two different phones: one for work and another for personal use.
Consumer demand and preferences for technology are rapidly changing, often driving the need for new practices that enable BYOT.
Sometimes BYOT is simply a matter of employees preferring to work with a Mac instead of a PC.
An active BYOT program can lower training costs and IT support calls, since the employees are already familiar with their own devices.
A BYOT policy can also create a more comfortable workplace, empowering employees to be more creative, efficient and productive.
For GCI, having a broad BYOT policy speaks to the core of the company's existence: communications.
Ultimately, BYOT can boost morale and produce happier employees.
While BYOT has obvious benefits, there are also security issues to be considered--employees are using personal devices to access company networks and sensitive information.
Having a secure and successful BYOT policy is a matter of maintaining balance, Fleming says.
GCI is a prime example of a large company with a comprehensive approach to BYOT.
Byots joins the company from Stone Container Corporation (now Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation), where he most recently served as Director of Investor Relations.