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Byra. Spectrum teaching styles and the national standards for physical education: Introduction.
Effective CTs' are more likely to offer STs feedback about their teaching performance, ask their students questions and provide greater verbal acceptance and praise (Coulon & Byra, 1997; Killian & McIntyre; 1986).
They were trained to reliably use a modified version of the Academic Learning Time-Physical Education (ALTPE) system (Wilkinson & Taggart, 1985), the Qualitative Dimensions of Lesson Introduction, Task Presentation, and Lesson Closure (QDITC) instrument (Byra, 1992), and an event recording system to code teacher verbal feedback statements.
The QDITC instrument (Byra, 1992) was used to collect qualitative information about teacher behaviors during task presentations.
Moreover, once teachers are able to spend the majority of their time in instructional behaviors, those who are most effective provide short and explicit demonstrations so as to focus students on a few relevant critical aspects of a skill, and so as not to overload them with too much information (Byra & Coulon, 1994; Rink & Werner, 1989; Werner & Rink, 1989).
Joan lives in a small apartment in Ketchum, Idaho, near her doting parents Jack and Byra.
2) According to Sherin and van Es (2005), video annotation tools can direct analysis, implicitly or explicitly, using an appropriate lens or framework to guide interpretation--a position shared by the majority of video reflection researchers (see, e.g., Byra, 1996; Collins et al., 2004; Grainger, 2004; Griswold, 2004; Halter, 2006; Jensen et al., 1994; Miyata, 2002; Pailliotet, 1995; Powell, 2005; Preston et al., 2005; Sharpe et al., 2003, Struyk & McCoy, 1993; Thomson, 1992; van Es & Sherin, 2002; Warden, 2004).
In studies where participants reflected both in writing and in collaborative discussion, participants reported the greatest benefit from discussing their teaching with others (Byra, 1996; Griswold, 2004).
The contracts were received by Ekstroms Elektroservice AB, Electrolux Professional AB, Ventilationsystem AB, Hallefors Eltjanst AB, Degerfors Byggen AB, Bravida Automation & El AB, Nora Elinstallations Byra AB, Servicebolaget i Sverige AB, Miljomaskiner AB and Armborgs AB.
In 1949 Jack married Byra Whittlesey Whitlock, a stunning war widow from Twin Falls, Idaho who was known to everyone as Puck.