BZ2Bzip2 (compression file-naming convention)
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The timing at which Bz1 and Bz2 are turned off is critical for specification of the brain and palp fates.
As described above, the gene circuit consisting of Bzl and Bz2 temporally controls ZicL expression in the neural lineage.
3D, knockdown of Bz1 and Bz2 results in loss of the palp, a rudimentary anterior placode, and ectopic induction of brain in its place.
In the case of our test image, the BZ2 variant generated the best results, with a compression factor reaching 1.3 and an efficiency level of 0.2 for any of the 3 filters used.
In the case of the Generalized Laplacian pyramid, improvements are easily visible (while testing only the BZ2 compression method): the compression factor is better than the best run of the simple Laplacian pyramid process, while efficiency reaches a value of 0.3.
Contract notice: Noi techpark side panel bz 1 and bz2 - los 5 delivery office cases.
Contract notice: Supply of furniture series bz1 and bz2.
for the construction of a ship docking in the bz2 cross-sud plot of the free trade zone in the municipality of barcelona.
Contract notice: Works of the project of preparation of the land plot located at 2nd street, number 1-25, designated as bz2 in the industrial park of barcelona~s zona franca.
Remodeling and restoration inside hand the Central Bz2 and implementation of external design of the park.
Reconstruction and restoration inside the central part Bz2 and implementation of external design of the park.