BZABoard of Zoning Appeals
BZABoard of Zoning Adjustment
BZABenzoic Acid
BZABrennelement-Zwischenlager Ahaus GmbH (German company)
BZABeach Zone Array
BZABrandeis Zionist Association
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(57) A BZA has the power to "hear and decide appeals" of any administrative decision pertaining to zoning.
"By granting the religious use but denying the inappropriate catering hall use, the BZA wisely saw through the applicants' improper attempt to get approval for the oversized catering hall under the relaxed zoning standards afforded only to religious uses."
BZA shows the best antagonist activity on the proliferation of breast cancer cells (MCF-7) according to the activity ranking of SERMs [23-25,31].
Issues such as blasting, noise, vibration, dust, compatibility with the area, public health, safety and welfare and the region not being sparsely developed were cited as reasons for rejection by the BZA last year.
After 1 year, the mean adjusted change in breast density from baseline was -0.38% in the women who were received 20 mg BZA/0.45 mg conjugated estrogens, -0.44 in the women who received 20 mg BZA/0.625 conjugated estrogens, -0.24% in the women who received 20 mg BZA alone, 1.60% in the women who received 0.45 mg conjugated estrogens/1.5 mg medroxyprogesterone acetate, and-0.32% in the women who received a placebo.
Four abnormal mammograms were seen in the 20-mg BZA/0.45-mg conjugated estrogens group, two in the 20-mg BZA/0.625-conjugated estrogens group, one in the 20-mg BZA alone group, three in the 0.45-mg conjugated estrogens/1.5-mg Medroxyprogesterone acetate group, and one in the placebo group.
The BZA found the need for a variance arose because the property was purchased and permitted for a gas station before the ordinance was amended.
First, to what extent does the BZA treat churches differently than secular applicants?
The combination of CE and BZA is a good choice for women who have bothersome menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, and sleep disruption or symptomatic vulvovaginal atrophy (WA)--although it's not approved for WA.
Given these favorable data, a TSEC containing BZA and conjugated equine estrogen was designed as a potential new comprehensive menopausal therapy.