BZEBeyond Zero Emissions
BZEBattlezone Enhanced (gaming)
BZEBelize City, Belize - Belize International (Airport Code)
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hydrolysis to BZE or environmental contamination of the hair sample by
Confusion arose when it emerged the scientist had said BZE had "no pharmacological effect".
Working calibrators used to construct the standard curve for BZE, COC, and MAM were 0,2,5, and 20 [micro]g/L, and for MOR and COD were 0, 4, 10, and 40 [micro]g/L.
Sin embargo, en el caso de la CG se requiere una etapa de derivatizacion para el analisis de las moleculas polares como la BZE [8,13].
2011; BZE, 2010; EASAC, 2011; EERE, 2010a; IEA, 2010a; Jablonski, Tarhini, Touati, Gonzalez Garcia, & Alario, 2012), with prices continuing to fall strongly after that (EERE, 2010b; IEA, 2010a).
BZE draws on the work of scores of dedicated volunteers with professional expertise in engineering, the physical and social sciences, the arts and humanities, and media and journalism, many of whom have worked or are still working in the corporate sector.
He was driving a Vauxhall Astra on Ffordd Y Millenium when he was found to have 52 micrograms of the cocaine breakdown product BZE per litre of blood.
Toxicologist Emily Hollands detected more than 200 microgrammes per litre of cocaine by-product BZE in Collins' blood.
concentration; ben = benzo- diazepines; bze = benzoylecgonine
For GC-MS testing, BZE Calibrator (150 [micro]g/L) and Carboxy-THC Calibrator (15 [micro]g/L) were purchased from ElSohly Labs.
He was driving a Vauxhall Astra on Colchester Avenue when he was found to have 200 micrograms of the cocaine breakdown product BZE in every litre of blood.
She was driving a Chevrolet Matiz on Market Street when she was found to have BZE, a cocaine breakdown product, in her blood.