BZFBiafra Zionist Federation (Nigeria)
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The BZF assisted the local women in finding a market for their produce and with the sales' income, the women are now better able to support their households as well as invest in further inputs for the next planting season.
'The award recognizes the BZF's work in solving challenges in the community.
In a press statement by the group's Deputy Leader, Mazi Ambrose Ugwu, he said the youth wing of the BZF were mobilizing for a massive protest against the South-East Governors and the Ohanaeze Ndigbo.
Ugwu, who said the leadership of the BZF had been calming the youths down for nearly two weeks, said 'as it stands now, there is very little we can do any longer.
2-amino-5-chlorobenzophenone (BZF) (purity 98%) was acquired from Aldrich (Milwaukee, WI, USA).
Stock solutions of OXA and BZF were prepared in adequate solvents as needed for the planned assays.
The mean return period for Ms[greater than or equal to]5.0 was found as 45.71[+ or -]4.22 years for their region 5 covering the BZF in this study.
They also calculated b-values smaller than 1.0 in their region 4 (b=0.96, in Bitlis Thrust zone), region 5 (b=0.94, including BZF and KEZ), region 6 (b=0.91, in EAFZ).
Table 1 Film properties of PI, made from DFO, and BZF dianhydrides and acetylated derivatives of diamine (DADFE) in amorphous state Method Film (PI) E [[sigma].sub.p] [[epsilon].sub.p] (GPa) (MPa) (%) 2 DFO-DADFE 2.48 152 35 2 BZF-DADFE 3.86 132 6 1 DFO-DADFE 3.2 170 90 1 BZF-DADFE 3.2 150 15 Method [T.sub.g] ([degrees]C) 2 297 2 324 1 270 1 280 Table 2 Film properties of PI, made from DFO, and BZF dianhydrides and acetylated derivatives of diamine (DADFE) in crystalline state Method Film (PI) [T.sub.m] [DELTA][H.sub.m] ([degrees]C) (J [g.sub.-1]) 2 DFO-DADFE 345 7.7 2 BZF-DADFE 408 74.0 Table 3 Textural parameters of micropores structure of PI's films Sample [V.sub.micro] E ([cm.sup.3] (kJ.
The self-acclaimed President of the BZF who spoke to journalists in Enugu a day after he was released from prison, where he also boasted that he would take over Enugu government house on August 20 to announce Biafra Independence as President of Biafra.
Tenders are invited for Overhaul of railway lines "BZF" according to TK