BZKMinisterie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties
BZKBenzalkonium Chloride (topical antiseptic)
BZKBriansk (Russia)
BZKBilly Ze Kick (band)
BZKBiro Zelene Karte (Slovenian: Green Card Bureau)
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Mean MIC value of BZK and PHMB for Pseudomonas spp.
According to present study, all of the Gram negative bacteria were susceptible to BZK and PHMB disinfectants.
The MIC value of BZK ranged from 25-100ug/mL for E.
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Aiello and her colleagues then analyzed of isolates of bacteria from all species with a high MIC for BZK.
No covariates--such as use of a product before enrollment, child day care attendance, or antibiotic use--were associated with susceptibility to BZK or with households that used products containing antibacterial ingredients.