BZKMinisterie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties
BZKBenzalkonium Chloride (topical antiseptic)
BZKBriansk (Russia)
BZKBilly Ze Kick (band)
BZKBiro Zelene Karte (Slovenian: Green Card Bureau)
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were least susceptible to BZK. The mean MIC value of PHMB against E.
Briefly, 100 uL medium was poured in each well and each disinfectant was serially diluted two fold as BZK (320 uL/mL, 160uL/mL, 80uL/mL, 40uL/mL, 20uL/mL, 10 uL/mL, 5 uL/mL, 2.5 uL/mL, 1.25uL/mL and 0.625uL/mL) and PHMB and Glutaral C11-C19 Pareth 9 (64 uL/mL, 32uL/mL, 16uL/mL, 8uL/mL, 4uL/mL, 2uL/mL, 1uL/mL, 0.5uL/mL, 0.25uL/mL, 0.125uL/mL).
Minimum Inhibitory Concentration: The mean MIC value of BZK for E.
The BZK 1000 B allows for rapid inline crystallization eliminating the need for interim storage, avoiding lengthy storage times that disrupt production, and reducing manual labor requirements.
This requires a greater unity of the police system (BZK & Justitie 2006).
(1997) Gebiedsgebonden politiewerk: een verken-ning, Den Haag: Ministerie van BZK
Minsterie van BZK (1999) Integraal Veiligheidsprogramma, Den Haag, BZK
Biocidal ingredients in these products often are quaternary ammonium compounds (such as BZK) and triclosan.
Aiello and her coinvestigators provided 238 households with either antibacterial products (floor cleaner with 0.08% BZK, surface cleaner with 2.7% BZK, and liquid hand-washing soap with 0.2% triclosan) or the same products without antibacterial ingredients.
she invited the policy staff of BZK and the other Cabinets to attend the sports day from the USC foundation on September 29th in The Hague to embrace the idea that sport connects and builds strong connections.
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