BZLBegeleid Zelfstandig Leren (Dutch: Self-Guided Learning)
BZLBritannia Zinc, Ltd.
BZLBinani Zinc Limited (est. 2000; Hindustan, IN)
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Therefore, the BZL recommends to save work with the right choice of plants and yet to do something for the climate: Planting shrubs in the front yard and small shrubs that feel comfortable at this location, they quickly conquer the area.
BZL (28.02N, 98.62E)###42###May###2,800###Coniferous forest###Gaoligongshan National N.R.
The kinetics of formation of fluorescent product (MCA) from two different substrates [Z-FR-MCA and [epsilon] -N[H.sub.2]-caproyl-Cys(Bzl)-Cys(Bzl)-MCA] is shown in Figure 1.
BZL, during Q1FY11, registered PAT of Rs.1.53 crore on net sales of Rs.98.05 crore.
The terms of the agreement call for Millennium and BZL to jointly develop the immunotoxin and radiolabeled products for the prostate cancer indication until a predetermined clinical decision point.
([double dagger]) Country of origin: BLE = Belize; BZL = Brazil; CLB = Colombia; CRA = Costa Rica; ECD = Ecuador;, ELS = El Salvador; GTA = Guatemala; HDR = Honduras; HTI = Haiti; JMC = Jamaica; MEX = Mexico; NCA = Nicaragua; PER = Peru.
Contract award notice: Supply of genetic analyzers and other scientific laboratory equipment for bzl in the framework of the erdf project "strengthening research, Development infrastructure and institutional capacity of scientific institutions under the supervision of the lua"
M2 PHARMA-October 31, 2011-ATLAB Pharma, BZL Biologics sign agreement for radiopharmaceutical Lu-J591(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The new brochure of the Federal Information Center (BZL) uses numerous examples to illustrate the diverse functions of the hem biotopes and how to create, maintain and care for them.
The Federal Information Center for Agriculture (BZL) gives hobby gardeners tips on how to make work easier and how to minimize water consumption and costs.
BZL line protection block use 01 pcs 5 or equivalent
Tenders are invited for Provision of Auto Chlorination including operation and maintenance in Station BZL. GBRA.