BZMBelasting Zware Motorrijtuigen (Dutch: Heavy Motor Vehicle Tax)
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Once finished with the hold, reprogram your route after BZM since it will have been erased.
Cleared to BZM, hold northeast," means your airplane should remain northeast of BZM.
The white line on the GPS running to BZM is V20--and the radial northeast of BZM you should use as an inbound for your hold.
You can do one better: BZM is 24 miles from MOPED, you're 24.
Since your GPS is already on the next leg of the flight plan, step one is making BZM your active waypoint again.
Whether they were appointed as doctors, nurses, or teachers, the BZM women were expected to learn the language(s).
30) Edwards's father, William Edwards, was the well-known principal of the Baptist College in Cardiff, and her step-mother, Sarah, was an active social and political leader in Cardiff, an outspoken advocate on issues like temperance and women's suffrage, and a leader of BZM in Wales.
The women sent out by BZM were not radical feminists who were ready to assert the rights of women at all costs.
34) Many of the daughters of prominent Baptist leaders were appointed by the BZM to serve as missionaries.
A series of meetings were held, at which the leaders concluded that with the increasing pressure put on churches for funds for the minister's sustentation fund, (36) the continuation of separate operations for the BZM and BMS was no longer viable.
When searching for a qualified administrator for BZM, she complained, "There is always something lacking.
In 1944, exasperated by the enrollment of Orthodox elementary school graduates in the Alice Seligsberg Trade School (a Hadassah institution) rather than in BZM, she invoked the aid of Meir Berlin, Mizrachi's president, lest "the effort of eight years exerted by teachers of a Mizrachi educational system is wasted and ends in a successful achievement for the promotion of a unified educational system.