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BZNBozeman Yellowstone International Airport (Bozeman, MT)
BZNBalzan (postal locality, Malta)
BZNBagnan Railway Station (West Bengal, India)
BZNBand Zonder Naam (Dutch: Band Without a Name)
BZNBulletin of Zoological Nomenclature (International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature; UK)
BZNBozeman, MT, USA - Gallatin Field (Airport Code)
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In order to overcome this problem, a number of methods have been used to lower the sintering temperature of the BZN. Firing aids such as CuO and Si[O.sub.2]-[B.sub.2][O.sub.3] have been used in the BZN powders synthesis process which have lowered the sintering temperature to 900[degrees]C and 800[degrees]C, respectively [8, 9].
I've got the airport in sight at BZN requesting a visual approach." At 2100, the pilot was cleared for the visual approach to the BZN airport.
The K98ks resulting from there were like this sample with both bzn and the lightning boll/rune codes.
--The establishment of the optimum placement of the monitoring site and its EM pattern (a two-dimensional structure, strike orientation and the normal distribution of the Bzn and pn parameters in non-seismic condition);
WE2B-6: Microwave Planar Capacitors Employing Low Loss, High-K and Tunable BZN Thin Films
GE next introduced BZN Compacts, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) used for machining ferrous materials such as gray cast iron.
The DR of Ba([Zn.sub.1/3/[Nb.sub.2/3])[O.sub.3] (BZN, [[tau].sub.f] ppm/[degree]/C, [[epsilon].sub acted as the frequency determining element, but also reduced the oscillator's temperature drift.
In truth, MENAR is only a feeder fix; the nearby third unnamed (and almost hidden) IAF is effectively the beginning of the arc at the BZN 320/14.
Using BZN 6000 Compacts tipped inserts, it was determined that a 0.005[inches] (0.13mm) depth of cut, 0.002[inches] (0.05mm), per revolution feedrate and 650 sfm (200 m/min) cutting speed were the machining conditions that met all of the production requirements.