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BZNBozeman Yellowstone International Airport (Bozeman, MT)
BZNBalzan (postal locality, Malta)
BZNBagnan Railway Station (West Bengal, India)
BZNBand Zonder Naam (Dutch: Band Without a Name)
BZNBulletin of Zoological Nomenclature (International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature; UK)
BZNBozeman, MT, USA - Gallatin Field (Airport Code)
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The ILS 12 has a feeder route from BZN and another from White Hall (HIA) VOR.
On the ILS into BZN, FALIA is the IAF reached by the BZN feeder route.
The profile view on the BZN approach shows that the glideslope is below the 6,800 feet minimum altitude required at MANNI LOM for the LOC only approach.
Radar services were not available at BZN prior to commissioning of a surveillance radar system in April 2007.
WE2B-6: Microwave Planar Capacitors Employing Low Loss, High-K and Tunable BZN Thin Films
Now that the relevant fixes are on the table, note that only two feeders, BZN and MENAR, require a procedure turn (PT).
If arriving from the south, it'd be logical to choose the BZN transition, but if intimidated by the PT or looking for another way to lose altitude, proceed along the airway, skip the hard turn at MENAR and request the 14 DME arc instead.
The SNG-434 BZN 6000 insert produced the best surface finish [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
Tool material: BZN 6000 tipped inserts * Cutting speed: 650 sfm (200 m/min) * Depth of cut: 0.
PCBN products from GE Superabrasives are known as BZN [TM] compacts.
CBN or BZN cutting tools, however, can handle such problems.