BZNSBulgarski Zemedelski Naroden Suyuz (Bulgarian Agrarian National Union; political party; Bulgaria)
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Led by Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev, the BZNS is the fourth-largest party in the Reformist Bloc, a loose alliance of centrist-to-right-wing parties that are the junior partner in Bulgaria's minority coalition government.
"For the BZNS it is obvious that trust between coalition partners has been breached," it goes on, arguing the only reason for the party to be in the government is to "defend Bulgaria's national interests, its Euro-Atlantic affiliation and to regain the state back from the mafia."
The Reformist Bloc currently consists of the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party (DSB), the Bulgaria for Citizens party of former European Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, the Greens party, the National Party Freedom and Dignity, the right-wing Blue Unity party, the right-wing Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) and the Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union (BZNS).
Bulgarian right-wing Union of Democratic Forces (UDF/SDS) and Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union (BZNS) have joined on Thursday the so-called Reformist Bloc.
By signing the joining agreement, UDF and BZNS are obliged to accept the 12 points set in the founding agreement of the Reformist Bloc.
The Bulgaria for Citizens Movement party proposes that the right-wing Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) party and the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union (BZNS) party headed by Nikolay Nenchev be included in the formation, according to reports of
The proposal is also backed by marginal Bulgarian Agrarian Union (BZNS).