BZOBolzano, Italy (airport code)
BZOBattle Sight Zero (military; rifle sight setting)
BZOBündnis Zukunft Österreich (Alliance for the Future of Austria)
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This mantle has now been adopted by the younger and more populist BZO, as we demonstrate below.
In the city of Graz, during its city council elections in early 2008, a great deal of exclusionary racist rhetoric was posted by the BZO, which focused on the term 'saubern' (to clean/cleanse).
In this way, by applying several visual and verbal topoi, the BZO attempts to construct itself as the "law and order" party that can save Austrians, and the citizens of Graz specifically, from 'immediate and huge threats'.
In the case of Amir Z, this intensification is achieved through an additional negative actional anthroponym (Reisigl & Wodak, 2001): thus, he is not just a drug dealer, but is also an asylum seeker--that is, someone who, in the eyes of the BZO, is already 'burdening Our society' (topos of burden) and so should not be 'taking advantage of Our generosity' (topos of abuse).
The BZO leaders are also labelled and characterized, albeit contrasted in positive ways.
1) The BZO cleans the streets and keeps our city clean--they stand for 'law and order'
3) If you vote for BZO, Wojciech will not be able to continue stealing
4) Hence, Wojciech (and all other criminals) oppose the BZO
Both the Freedom Party and BZO waged anti-immigration campaigns before the election, banking on negative Austrian sentiment toward immigrants.
The BZO was unable to draw significant popular support away from the FPO, but managed to enter parliament in 2006 with 4.
The aim is that all vehicles of the GGD BZO at all times assures.
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