BZPPBuffer Zone Protection Plan (US TSA)
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The FY2006 budget request also stated that the Directorate planned to ensure that 1000 BZPPs would be implemented in FY2005.
However, according to DHS's Performance Budget Overview for FY2007, it does not appear that nearly so many vulnerability assessments and BZPPs have been, or will be, completed and implemented by the end of FY2007.
Congress appropriated $525 million for the State Homeland Security grants, $770 million for the High-threat High-density Urban Area grants, and a total of $459 for the mode-specific and BZPP grants.
The Administration once again requested that the individual discretionary grants for specific transportation modes, ports and the BZPP, be aggregated into a single Targeted Infrastructure Protection grant program, with the allocation based on the Department's calculation of risk and need.