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BZRBundeszentralregister (German central register of criminal offences)
BZRBit Zone Recording (ROD)
BZRBelousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction (chemistry)
BZRBeziers, France - Beziers-Vias (Airport Code)
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subtilis BZR 336g was observed on the medium with molasses as the carbon source: 1.
subtilis BZR 336g was observed on the nutrient medium with peptone, yeast extract and corn used as the nitrogen source: 1.
subtilis BZR 336g on the optimized medium was significantly higher than in the KB and PGS media and made 8.
subtilis BZR 336g maximum antifungal activity was noted on the optimized medium, and made 90.
BZr can also arrange direct access to our offshore review facility for qualified Practice Support departments in outside firms.
Invitation to tender: Bzr vocational training center rorschach-rheintal; renovation flat roof