BZVBrazzaville (Republic of Congo)
BZVBiochemisch Zuurstof Verbruik (Dutch: Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
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Based on these results we propose a mechanism for the reaction of BzV2+, BzV+ and BzV.
As shown in figure the second reduction peak is sharp due to extensive deposition of BzV and this neutral deposit is oxidized back to large anodic peak which is well removed to its cathodic partner.
It means that the reaction of BzV+ and /or BzV with bCD is reversible.
For second redox process it may be concluded that bCD does not bind with BzV.
Determination of the equilibrium constant for the formation of BzV + -n bCD complex
The BZV Nordfriesland-Nord intends to build up a passive network infrastructure for the broadband supply in the "white" NGA patches in the outskirts of the majority of the municipalities of the offices SdtEaderdern and Mittlerer Nordfriesland.