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BAALBritish Association for Applied Linguistics
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There is no one definition of a baal teshuvah, although it is used nearly universally to describe Orthodox Jews.
We give our highest respects to those who, like Ka Eddik, Baal and Benny, dedicated their lives to a thorough transformation of our society even amid seeming hopelessness.
2 sums up the theme of Israel's endless backsliding: "The more I (the Lord) called them, the more they went from me; they kept sacrificing to the Baals, and burning incense to idols.
180-243) is dedicated to the investigation of the deity Baal in the Hebrew Bible.
The Baal Shamin temple dated to the early first century and was dedicated to the Phoenician god of storms and fertilizing rains.
The prophet focused on Baal worship as a cause of Judean insecurity, on top of which political insecurity was also mounting.
An example is the case of prophet Elijah who lived at a time when idolatrous worship to Baal was encouraged by no less than Queen Jezebel of Israel who introduced Baal worship into Israel.
Sweida, SANA -- The main entrance of Baal Shamin Temple was uncovered along with the entrance's step during excavation works carried out in the archeological village of See'a in the southern province of Sweida.
Queen Jezebel made sure the Baal prophets were invited to all the best parties and had the best looking uniforms.
Patiala -- A special issue on environment of first multi coloured Punjabi magazine BAAL PREET has been released by the Deputy Commissioner S.
Anyone worshipping Apollo, Baal, Zeus, or Poseidon will not be consulted because they will be thought eccentric.
The pompous burgher whose wife Baal seduces is reborn here as a self-important music producer who practically hands his woman to Clive.