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BFBlack Friday
BFBeginning of (radioactive) Fallout
BFBest Friend
BFBurkina Faso (country in west Africa)
BFBlue Film
BFBreastfeeding (infant health)
BFBoard Foot
BFBenjamin Franklin
BFBlood Flow
BFBut First (Hyper Logo command)
BFBallast Factor
BFBaby Face
BFBooking Fee
BFBrett Favre (football player)
BFBlast Furnace
BFBusiness Forum
BFBattlefields (Utopia game server)
BFBackfill (class of concrete surface finish, USACE)
BFBrought Forward
BFBaseball Field
BFBonafide (notice of intent to manufacture or import)
BFBlind Faith (book by Joe McGinniss)
BFBold Face
BFBryan Ferry (singer)
BFBlind Faith (band)
BFBoba Fett (Star Wars character)
BFBasse Fréquence (French: Low Frequency; radio frequency)
BFBrain Freeze
BFBad Friend
BFBad Flag
BFBasic Function
BFBehavioral Finance
BFBattle Force
BFBeat Frequency
BFBoiler Feed
BFBelgian Franc (unit of currency)
BFBlood Furnace (gaming, World of Warcraft)
BFBuenafuente (Spanish TV show)
BFBattle Frontier (Pokemon)
BFButterworth Filter
BFBoth Faces
BFBloody Fool
BFBlue Falcon (Dyno-Mutt)
BFBattle Field 1942 (game)
BFBitch Fit
BFBypass Filter
BFBasic Frame (NEC)
BFBrevet Federal
BFBalance Forward
BFBum Fights (game)
BFBenton Foundation
BFBoundary Function
BfBayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (German aircraft manufacturer)
BFBangface (London, England neo-rave club)
BFBongo Fury
BFBond Forfeiture
BFBravo Fleet (gaming)
BFBalefire (gaming)
BFBusiness Facilitator (Indian banking sector)
BFBusiness Frame (statistics, New Zealand)
BFBridging Fault
BFBalls Faced (game of Cricket)
BFBachelor of Finance
BFBridge Function
BFBody Flap
BFMark Air (airline code)
BFBurning Fusion (WoW gaming Fusion Server)
BFBornhuetter-Ferguson (insurance claims method)
BFBus Fraction (Intel)
BFBryan Fury (Tekken 3 character)
BFBattery Feed
BFBreaker Filter (Nortel)
BFBinary Feedback
BFBeyond Fatal (band)
BFBovine Fibrinogen
BFBlade Fold
BFBanco Filipino Savings & Mortgage Bank (Philippines)
BFBond Finger (semiconductor substrate type)
BFBranching Filter
BFBlue Faction (gaming clan)
BFBombay First
BFBachelor of Forestry
BFBellerive Foundation (Kenya)
BFBellows Factor (photography)
BFBashkimi Për Fitoren (Union for Victory, Albania)
BFBase Funded
BFBattlefield Function
BFBenign Fill (cryptography)
BFBiologijas Fakultate (Faculty of Biology)
BFBladen Force (website ring)
BFBjørnefitte (Norwegian Military Winterhat)
BFBurgundy Fawn (rabbit breed)
BFButtock Firmer (strength-building exercise)
BFBuffalo's Finest (graffiti crew)
BFBerendina Foundation (microfinance)
BFBatters Faced (baseball statistic)
BFBiliran Forum
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Thankfully we have no Babelfish to disprove the existence of God just yet or it might spoil the fun of those, like me, who choose to sit on the fence of religious debate.
Lib Dem AM and web 'blogger' Peter Black has added the Babelfish translation tool to his weblog so that his musings can be enjoyed in assorted foreign languages.
12) BabelFish (13) was the most loved and hated of the online translation tools, due to the complex nature of operatic texts, which tend to elide words and make computerized translations largely impractical.
There are no massive Franglais errors, and it certainly doesn't look like it's been run through babelfish.
If we use this prototype, coupled with an exploration of the real world program BabelFish, (82) as a starting point, we can illustrate some specific concerns that could arise in a technology assessment.
TODAY MUSIC - JAZZ/BLUES FISHGUARD: Theatr Gwaun (01348 873421), Babelfish.
This latest version now compares the translation to the three largest and most commonly used machine translators online: Google Translate, Bing Translator and Yahoo Babelfish.
Spice up your Olympic TV experience by cheering on your favourite competitors in their mother tongue, with free translation tool babelfish.
An even more comprehensive translation site is AltaVista's Babelfish, at world.
Anyone who remembers The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy science fiction series by Douglas Adams, will also remember the universal translation device he invented, called the Babelfish.
com), the web's leading pay per install (PPI) affiliate program, is pleased to announce the launch of their new pricing structure and the addition of Babelfish, Chameleontom and a new search toolbar powered by Bing to its product line up.
BabelFish IT is important that we get our very own Mr Motivator in, and quick